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Process Automation - Controls and Instruments

Best Transmitters, Sensors and Analytical instruments for your quality lab



As integrators and engineers our design objectives are to support your selection of the best digital automation solution for Process Regulatory Controls, Supervisory / Advanced Control Systems, Optimization, Asset Management and MIS (Management Information Systems) tailored to your needs to:

»   Maximize reliability and optimize performance
»   Minimize process variation
»   Provide easy and comprehensive access to information
»   reduce maintenance costs and plant shutdowns
»   design cost effective systems, including life cycle     analysis
»   Our Transmitters, Valves, sensors and analyzers are used extensively in the chemical process, food & beverage, power,Oil & Gas, Mining, Pharma, Biogas,Emmission Control, Pulp and Paper, semiconductor, textile, Water and wastewater industries.

Some of our partners include;
Allen Bradley General Electric - Englobal Systems - Siemens Automation - Fisher Rosemount - KSB - PIMA Valves - HANNA Instruments - Rockwell Automation and many other excellent brands

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