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GE has launched in July of 2014 a new high efficiency pumping and energy reobery unit, integrated into a single system. The new system, named IPER , consists of an integrated pump and energy recovery device for a 1,000 m3/day or larger SeaPRO seawater reverse osmosis systemS. IPER NEW ENERGY SAVING SW DRIVE is one of the most energy efficient pumps in the world (pls see attached). Applied to desalination reverse osmosis systems, it can reduce energy costs by 50%.IPER is a highly efficient desalination pump, based on positive displacement (PD) technology. Unlike other PD pumps, the water displacement cylinders are not driven by a large, fast rotating crankshaft.Instead, they are driven by a highly efficient hydraulic pump and cylinders, allowing for smooth and slow operation, which minimizes vibration and wear and tear. A separate energy recovery device is not required; it is built into the pump. Iper is designed for 1000 m3/d or larger installations

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Other environmental project activities include energy recovery from waste, CT technologies for chemical and petrochemical industries, GHG and emissions reduction, power / energy optimization and related areas.

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